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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kooky?

kooky is a digital cup smart system and offers you the possibility to dispose your reusable cup on your way in an easy and sustainable way through kooky boxes.

How does kooky work?

You order your drink as usual and get it in a kooky cup. You simply pay for the drink plus 1 CHF deposit. When you return the cup in a kooky drop off box, you will immediately get your 1 CHF deposit credited in the wallet of your app.

What do I have to do when I got the cup with the drink?

Simply scan the QR code of the cup with the kooky app (registration required), and the cup will be paired to your app account.

Where can I return the cup?

In all the kooky boxes around town and in all the venues of the kooky network. You can find both in the app.

How do I get my credit?

In order to withdraw the credit in your app wallet, you need to enter your bank details in the app. Then you submit a payout request of the desired amount. Kooky only takes a 10% fee as cost of service, you will receive a receipt for each withdrawal.

From what amount can I withdraw my credit?

The payout is possible from a balance of 5 CHF.

Why do I have to pay a fee when I want to cash out my own money?

With the kooky cups and the kooky drop off boxes we offer you an infrastructure and a system to avoid disposable junk without changing your lifestyle. In order to expand this system further, we also need your contribution.

What should I do if I find a kooky cup?

You can try to scan it and add it to your account! If the cup was not already added by someone else, you just got a free deposit. 😉
Then simply find the nearest kooky box and drop the cup off. This also applies to cups that have already been scanned. It is very important to us that every cup rerturns to the system.

What does kooky do with the cups?

Our employees empty the kooky boxes and bring the cups to our rinsing logistics. There, they are cleaned according to hygiene regulations and standards, picked, packed and distributed to our partners again.

Are e-vehicles used for logistics?

Yes, the logistics for collecting and distributing the cups takes place exclusively with electric vehicles.

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