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kooky cup

With the kooky system, your customers can have your awesome drinks as usual and you will never wash cups again.
Plus, you will save tons of junks.

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Perfect size

Kooky cups are sized 0.3L, perfect for all variations of hot (and cold πŸ˜‰) drinks.
And yeah, lids are included.

Ready to go

Everytime you receive the kooky cups cleaned according to hygiene regulation standards and packed in antibacterial boxes.

Save money

Starting from 15 drinks to go served per day, kooky is cheaper than disposable cups. And also your waste tax will be incredibly lighter.


1. Sign up

Create your account into the kooky partner portal and request the kooky cups and box. We will provide you in 48 hours max.

2. Receive

Now you are ready to offer your awesome drink in a kooky cup, and cash in on the customer deposit.

3. Repeat

When you’re running out of cups, simply place another request in your kooky partner portal.

Be part of the kooky network

Now that you know there are tons of reasons to be part of kooky, what are you waiting for?

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Not only for food & beverage, make your company virtuous.

Host a kooky box and let your employees, customers, partners drop off their kooky cups at your place.
Save tons of garbage from your bins and make your waste tax lighter.

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A smart story made in Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Today many cafes, bars, shopping centers, public places in Zurich and Basel are home to kooky. But this story has only just begun, be part of it.

Partners who trust kooky

Contact us

Here you can ask for a price overview for your restaurant or cafe, or how to get a kooky box for your company, or yet how to bring kooky to your city.

But if it’s none of the above, feel free to reach us for any kind of request. Alternatively, call Torge! πŸ˜‰


Torge Barkholtz
+41 76 422 99 91