Scan. Drink. Drop.

kooky is the first digital cup smart system. Get your drink in a kooky cup and – when you’re done – drop it off in one of the many kooky boxes around town.

No effort required.



There is no planet B

Every single day, 1.6 billion disposable cups are thrown away. This means a daily waste of:

5.280.000 kg of plastic
Like a Venice Island

36.000.000 kg of wood
Like 6.000 giant sequoias

1.516.538.652 mj of energy
Like 75 days of Las Vegas power consumpion

Hello, kooky!

Thanks to kooky you can really make the world a better place. And with no effort.

100% recycled

Made of polypropylene, BPA and pollutant free

Totally flavorless

Enjoy just the taste of your drinks

Drop it off, as usual

The nearest Kooky Box is closer than you imagine

Everything, literally, in your hands

Discover partners and drop off points and keep track of your cup history

Get back your deposit instantly

Collect your money in the app wallet and ask for your deposits payout anytime

A normal drinking experience, but better.


As usual, get your coffee

Pay for your drink plus 1 CHF deposit and add the Kooky cup to your account.


As usual, enjoy your drink

Take your time and enjoy your drink, no matter if on the spot or on the go.


As usual, drop the cup off

Bring the cup close to a Kooky box and drop it, get the deposit back right away.

No effort, small budget, huge impact.

Every time you drop off a kooky cup, you’ll get your deposit back in the app wallet. You can request payout of your wallet credit at any time.

Kooky only takes a 10% fee on your payout request for collecting, washing and delivering back to the partner.

Do you run a venue? Join the revolution

With the kooky system, your customers can have your awesome drinks as usual and you will never wash cups again.

Discover more ➞

Not only for food & beverage, make your company virtuous.

Host a kooky box and let your employees, customers, partners drop off their kooky cups at your place. Save tons of garbage from your bins and make your waste tax lighter. Ask for a kooky box ➞
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A smart story made in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Today many cafes, bars, shopping centers, public places in Zurich and Basel are home to kooky. But this story has only just begun, be part of it. Bring kooky to your city ➞

Partners who trust kooky